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Ladies start your engines!

The Women’s Motorsport Development Program (WMDP) takes the intimidation out of motorsport for women.

The WMDP is a 10 part program, run over four months, which takes participants through various aspects of club level motorsport. At the end of the program participants can comfortably enter Supersprint’s, Motorkhana’s, Hillclimb’s and Regularity events with confidence, knowledge and event readiness.

Event readiness includes:

  • confidence¬† – after our training days participants will have built the confidence and acquired the skills and knowledge to be competitive on the track

  • knowledge and experience with apexes, how to deal with oversteer, understeer, breaking markers and racelines

  • car setup

  • knowledge of the different motorsport flags

  • roles of event officials

  • understanding supplementary regulations (rules of motorsport events)

  • completing event entry forms and knowing which class your vehicle falls into when entering an event

  • knowledge of required motorsport apparel

  • setting and adjusting tyre pressures

  • what is required when you arrive at the race track


The Women’s Motorsport Development Program is an initiative of¬†NSW Road Racing Club.


The Women’s Motorsport Development Program is sponsored by: